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  • TAPin is a vocational platform for techies to connect, upskill and launch their careers. To responsibly and sustainably scale up the tech industry in Africa, we believe in developing a community of like-minded individuals made up of both aspiring techies and professionals.

  • TAPin is a product of JENGA School, a school aiming to unleash Africa’s genius to solve Global problems.

  • We believe every techie has a unique story - TAPin was designed to make job searching less daunting and more accessible.

  • To be a catalyst for Africa’s tech talent to unleash their potential to help solve global problems.

  • We aim to keep all your data safe in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 2019 of Kenya. You can see our Privacy Policy for more information.

  • We believe in possibilities and that finances should be an impediment to quality education. JENGA School offers these payment options (Mpesa and Bank) if you are not able to afford the courses.

  • As your partners in your career, we will do our best to ensure that you have access to the available opportunities that match your skills. We believe that with this kind of support you won’t sell yourself short when the job opportunities come.